Effects of Drainage Systems on Retaining Wall Stability

Research on the Bending Moments and Shear Forces of Retaining Walls.

A study was conducted by researchers at the University of Putra Malaysia to determine the impact of drainage systems on the stability of a retaining wall. A simulation of a retaining wall was created and modeled in Plaxis, a geotechnical Finite Element Analysis software. This simulation created a retaining wall Finite Element Model (FEM). The analysis determined that drainage systems have a large influence on the stability of a retaining wall including the bending moment, shear, and deflection. It was determined that a retaining wall with a drainage system had a reduction of 35% in bending moment, 38% in shear stress, and a 43% in deflection compared to a wall without one.

This study shows the importance of incorporating a drainage system for the stability and usage of a retaining wall. For more stable and longer lasting structures be sure to follow techniques that include drainage systems. Jet Filter System products can be used to create a simple, efficient, and maintainable weep hole system. Contact Jet Filter today.

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