PennDOT Approval - Bulletin 15

Maintainable Weep Hole Drains are now on PennDOT's Bulletin 15.

We are pleased to announce that the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has approved JET Filter's Maintainable Weep Hole Drains for use in Pennsylvania. Maintainable Weep Hole Drains, also known as Maintainable Weep Hole Filters, relieve hydrostatic water pressure from behind any new or existing earth retaining structure such as Bridge Abutments, Box Culverts, Wing Walls, Retaining Walls, Seawalls and more.

Our products are unique on the market as they are "maintainable". The performance of traditional drainage systems naturally decreases over time. Restoring a traditional drainage system requires excavation and can be expensive. Maintainable Weep Hole Drains are simple to install, are cost effective and will extend the service life of your wall. 

Maintaining peak drainage performance has never so been quick, easy and effective.

Maintainable Weep Hole Drains can be found on PennDOT's Bulletin 15 under:

Section 1001: Cement Concrete Structures,

1001.3(c) Weep Holes

PennDOT Bulletin 15 Maintainable Weep Hole Drains

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Image: Open End Maintainable Weep Hole Drain


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