Cane Island Flood Control & Bank Stabilization with Weep Hole Filters


The Buffalo Bayou watershed flows through Harris & Fort Bend counties in Texas. The slow moving Buffalo Bayou River has been a major source of flooding in the Houston area. During Hurricane Harvey, Buffalo Bayou crested with a record 39' at the Shepherd Drive bridge in Houston.


The Buffalo Bayou River emerges from the Katy Prairie wetlands as the Cane Island Creek. Hurricanes and torrential rainstorms have caused massive erosion along the banks of Cane Island Creek. Due to the erosion, the banks require stabilization to prevent future erosion and protect developed properties.


In 2019, bank stabilization projects were kicked off with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). Steel sheet pile walls are being constructed along the tributary to shore up the banks.

Jet Filter System's maintainable weep hole filters are specified as the primary substructure drainage system, allowing quick relief of pressure. The weep hole filters were chosen due to their exceptional performance and long life.


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