Jet Filter New Product Launch - 3" Diameter

Jet Filter System is excited to announce an effective and new product to the market, the 3" diameter SS Weep Hole Component is now available for purchase. Talk to Jet Filter about your project today. 

JFS 3 Product

The 3" dia. Open and Closed End Stainless Steel product is designed to accommodate both existing 3" weep holes or new construction projects. The product uses a  cleanable and replaceable geotextile filter media cartridge to allow for ground water flow with erosion control. The closed end customization prevents tidal wake and storm surge from entering the infrastructure system.  The 3" dia. product increases infrastructure life time and prevents premature wall failure. Talk to us about your project to see if this product is right for you.

Interested in this new product for your project? Contact Jet Filter System today.

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