Homeowners Devastated by Dam Destruction Seek Solutions

In the Mid Michigan Area, two dams collapsed, leaving many with damaged seawalls and drainage problems. Jet Filter is working to find solutions for these 6,500 homeowners. 

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On Tuesday May 19, 2020 the Edenville dam collapsed near central Michigan. Residents of Midland were told to evacuate and the Governor had declared a state of emergency. The collapsed dam created a surge of water into the downstream lakes and rivers, causing the failure of Sanford Dam. A picture from the Washington Post shows the before and after satellite images of the dams and four main lakes affected: Wixom, Sanford, Secord, and Beaverton.

The catastrophe left 6,500 residents without a waterfront property and with many more impacted by the floods. The lake residents are struggling to find solutions to their drainage and damaged infrastructure. A volunteer organization, Four Lakes Task Force, hosted the Beaverton Shoreline Engineering Fair. The engineering fair invited all residents to learn more about how they could protect their infrastructure and maintain good drainage in the absence of the waterways. Jet Filter System was happy to participate to find solutions for homeowners with failing seawalls.

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The seawalls once used to resist the force of waves and hold soil back, now have hydrostatic pressure pushing on only one side. This leaves the walls vulnerable to collapse. Jet Filter System's weep hole components can solve these issues and relieve the pressure behind the walls. Without the proper weep holes, residents could spend thousands of dollars replacing seawalls when the water levels return to normal.

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